PIC Stuff

This section contains my progress in the world of Microchip PIC development.

How-to: Program PICs using Linux
Microchip website with datasheets, application notes etc.
Xiaofan’s blog contains a lot of useful stuff on PIC programming
www.jimkim.de perfect inspiration for guitar/PIC/MIDI related stuff
Electronic components online in the Netherlands at ElectronicaOnderdelenOnline
A wealth of PIC information at voti. This is where I bought my PICkit 2.
PIC / USART / MID using a 16F628
16F628 and MIDI problem good to look into later
The 16F887 at Microchips site
Introduction to the use of SDCC
USB Project Development Using PIC18F4550
Lots of projects to explore at Burningsmell
How to make MPLAB.X work properly on 64bit Linux

Absolutely fabulous tutorials at Gooligum!


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