Programming again

Once upon a time I was a full time C++ developer. Oh, wait, that was only three years ago. Since then I have mainly been working in C#, which is quite nice with easy integration with nUnit, Rhino Mocks and a company proprietary continuous integration system. However, I consider C# to be Windows only. Of course I know of Mono but I will not even think af going there. See here and here.

Right now I want to return to C++; it is still my favourite language. And since I mainly run Linux at home, I want to do cross platform development, even if I am the only person who uses it. That means that the code I write has to compile and work on both Linux and Windows. I would prefer even more systems, but at the moment I only have access to those two.

The first step is to choose the right tools and libraries. So far I have selected CMake as my build system, Subversion for version control and Trac to track issues. Subversion and Trac are primarily chosen because DreamHost makes it ridiculously easy to install.

[Update] Since I moved this site to a VPS I will move the code to a repository in Gitorious and will install Redmine here. [/Update]

Boost is always my first place to look for libraries I need.

Right now I am creating the equivalent of a Hello World with these tools, just to get my development environment right. I want to add Doxygen and unit testing shortly.

What I have is now available in git at Gitorious and Redmine. It doesn’t do much, but one has to start at the beginning.

If, for whatever reason, you think there is something interesting in there, be sure to take whatever you need, but remember that everything I publish in code is covered under the GPL version 3 license.

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